Epic management changes


I hope they don’t start making payoffs to coaches to wear their boats in basketball games.

I also hope Oscar isn’t sick.

Apparently Oscar has learned that video sales are more lucrative.

Old news. That took place in 2015 when Oscar went to Nelo.

Yep, this is about 2 years old. Epic seems to be going well still. They’ve filled out their lineup nicely since oscar left (V8 pro, V11, new V12).
Even Nelo, king of tippy boats no one can paddle, has added some stable offerings since Oscar came on board. I have not been able to try any Nelo boats yet, but they seem to get very good reviews.

More options are better. Good to see both companies doing well, as well as others joining the market (Revo, Ozean, others)

I know a guy who paddles a Nelo. He is average height and slender. When they are in the water, you can barely see the boat.
He is very fast.