Epic Paddle Deal

Just returned from Saranac. Saw a used Epic signature Active touring paddle, one piece, 220 cm, burgundy shaft, 45 degree offset, black blades (with small chip in one blade) for $180. I was pretty excited until I noticed the chip. I offered $120, and my wife said well, it’s not in perfect shape. I got the paddle for the $120. Do I need to baby the paddle more because of the small chip? It functions fine as is. I saw that the burgundy shafts are more rigid. Again, will that require extra care? I assume that black blades and burgundy shaft mean hybrid construction. Is that true. Thanks.

When I chip my blades, I put a dab of epoxy on the chip. Makes me feel better.
Periodically, I run a tiny bead of epoxy around the blade tip edges .
Don’t think I read that anywhere. Same reason as above.