Epic paddle post??

Where did the post about the blemished Epic paddle go to?


Good question…
…I was looking for it myself. Don’t recall anything bad on it. Maybe the OP deleted it.

Last time I looked at it I didn’t see anything bad there?? Just curious if it had a happy ending.


Was it something I said:)

The poster deleted it
The post turned too much into a moral discussion so I deleted it.

I filled the dry areas on the paddle myself. Upon closer inspection, there were more tiny “pinhole” sized areas with no epoxy, so I filled these too. Almost invisible repair that will be unnoticeable with light sanding but I’m lazy and won’t do it most likely…

I miss all the good drama
As far as you being lazy, I think my suggestion on that thread proves I’ve got you beat there! L

A sort of recreational censorship. Like
Putin and Ebert at the Net. :slight_smile: Bill

You bet I’m beat :wink:
Half way - you were going to leave it well alone, where I sealed the cloth :wink:

I might sand it down a bit some day if I get my hands on a very fine sand paper as Pat from ONNO suggested. That will make it totally diappear. But since I covered the epoxy drops with tape after I applied them, they are pretty much flush and barely visible as is - I have to hold the paddle close and still barely see them.

That day may not be that far away as I’ll be doing some repairs on my “new” boat and will be in the mood and with the tools at hand. Should not take more than a few minutes…