Epic paddle repair

Has anyone out there had an issue with the length lock collar on an Epic wing paddle?

My collar has broken loose from its bond. (I’m not referring to the occasional slipping of the outer collar, but rather the inner collar which is supposed to be stationary, mounted on the shaft of the paddle itself.)

Although I live in SC near the “world headquarters” there isn’t anyone there that can make the repair. They apparently send it to a guy in Washington. I’m concerned with the cost and the turnaround time with that so I’d rather make the repair myself, but I don’t know exactly how to do that. Have any of you had success with this issue. I know many people have had the same problem, but I’d like to know how you resolved the issue aside from sending it to Epic’s one and only technician for professional repair. A recommendation of what sort of adhesive would be a good start.

Thanks in advance.

I sent mine…

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to Washington for repair under warranty. Between buying the box with packing materials and the cost of shipping, it cost me about $40. The problem with mine was a crack that appeared on the lip of one of the blades. They fixed it under warranty but I was still out $40 and was not that impressed with the repair. The next wing I bought was a Jantex and now the epic is a backup.

I would try "G Flex" epoxy.

I had the same issue with my length lock collar. As I was away from home when it happened I simply used contact cement which I had on hand. I had originally planned for it to be a temporary fix, but have not gotten around to sending it in. It has lasted a few years at this point.

BTW, the guy in Washington who does paddle work for Epic does a very good job. Both Celia and I have sent in our Epic length lock paddles for shortening. Celia got the new mechanism as her original one was flaky.

On track now…
Thanks for the responses.

After sending pics and talking more with a rep at Epic they agreed to cover the repair at their cost despite being a few years past the 1 year warranty. So, shipping cost and the lag time is the only concern now.

It will be an upgrade
It’s good that you are sending it in. It’s my understanding that they will replace the broken “collar” length lock with the new “lever” length lock (system 2). It’s lighter and easier to use (no more problems with the collar getting too tight).

I have a Mid Wing with the “lever lock” and a Small Mid Wing with the “collar lock”. I much prefer the lever.

Greg Stamer

epic wing
My epic mid-wing had a blade issue where it was as if the clear coating was worn through - or resin? - and the fibers were exposed. I contacted epic to ask how to fix it and they wanted to inspect it. I shipped it to them in WA, where they replaced the blades for free and paid return shipping. All in all the customer service I received was spectacular with no hassles. They far exceeded my expectations.

Definitely send it in
Even if it takes a smidge longer than you’d like, though my recall is that it wasn’t a long wait. The lever mechanism they’ll put on is WAY better than the other one.

Can you tell …
what kind of adhesive was used on yours? I actually want to remove my lock mechanism to shorten my paddle a bit and suspect that a little heat will do that (have not had problems with it coming off but I want it to come off -:wink: