Epic Paddles - Gray vs. the Carbon?

While watching the message thread about Epic Paddles another question came up.

I’ve recently seen two Epic Paddles where the blade is a silver/gray color instead of the normal black (carbon fiber). I’ve looked on the Epic website and can’t find any mention of these blades.

Can anyone tell me what material these silver/gray blades are made of? Are the better/worse than the black carbon blades?



Gray Blade = Glass Blade

For epic paddles

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#1 factor: foam core blades; you want them if you can afford them. #2 factor: weight #3 factor: stiffness as desired. Try to go hybrid signature at minimum if you are going that way and can swing it.

Gray paddle
My Epic Active Signature Paddle is gray in color. It is a FG/CF hybird.

Get the signature series. It has a nice smooooth back to the paddle.

The top two hybirds would be grayu in color:


If you
can swing the price of the full carbon go for it. Great Paddle have not seen a paddle better than Epic yet.

Equal paddle for less
I recently bought a carbon blade mid wing with a nifty right hand grip , from D. Broadhurst of Dam good gear in Long Island. For around 300 shipped, you can get an all carbon paddle with a length loc system that stays on the paddle and really works. Last year my Epic carbon snapped after a year’s use and a friend of mine also snapped his at the blade. I would still recommend Epic, but the one I just got is basically the same paddle with some nice touches, for less. Broadhurst will put Epic blades on the shaft if requested. I will be using it at the ROTC six miler, if anyone wants to see it.