Epic paddles, mid wing vs. large wing.

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Anyone used both?


What are your recommendations for racing?

I plan on paddling my QCC 700X with the wing.

I'm 5'9" 175 lbs.

Which boat?

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For sprint racing, the large wing.
For marathon racing, the mid one.
For a sea kayak, I would be looking for a small blade such as Bracsa Junior or VII


mid wing
if you ask barton, he will recommend the mid-wing for anything other than sprint. even if you are a huge guy, the mid wing is plenty of blade. i’ve had one (2 actually) for 6 years and love it. wings should be sized fairly small- i use a 215.5 and am 5’11" with fairly long torso and arms- i could even go a cm shorter. the adjustable is a great idea if you don’t mind a little extra complication- get it maybe 212- 218, depending on your height.


Have both,
mid wing for marathoning, the large will fatique most paddlers at distances and slow down your cadence. Sprints, different story.


Mid wing
I have a mid wing and was told by Epic if not doing short sprints the mid would be a better choice. Great paddle by the way.

mid, especially with a touring boat
I have a mid and large and only use the large with my lightweigt slimline sprint boat and usually only for races of 10k or less.

Go for the mid.
I’ve used wings since 87 or 88. The first were huge sprint blades & pretty hard on the body for anything over an hour or so. I now have two epic mids, a 216/60+ older model & the newer “tear drop” adj. I use 214-216/75 in a “Thunderbolt” & 213-214 in a DR. I’m 5’9" with wide shoulders & long legs. I find that going a bit shorter keeps the stroke out in front, gets the blade out quicker and is easier on the elbows than when I used a 218! Since you are of average height, you could measure by using a conventional paddle at bent finger tip & drop 4 cm or about mid palm on a wing. This should give you a good starting range of maybe 214-216? You can do the 90 degree paddle on head & put tape by the little finger. If your in the ball park, you should have about 6" to the start of the blade, with a 90 degree angle. When paddling, you will be in some from 90 degrees. The mid has a nice clean entry & is smooth througout the stroke. Epic service has been great. If you get any adj. be sure to clean the threads often!

I know some guys train with a big blade for resistance 1 or 2 days a week, but race with the mid. Good luck & have fun!

I agree with Iceman.

If you only are going to paddle your QCC, look for a even smaller paddle than the Midwing. Trivium S9 is about 700 cm2, Bracsa VII small is 725 cm2.

The Bracsa FW (635 cm2) is also an option.

I have a midwing and think it works great both in a racing kayak and sea kayak, but only for sea paddling I would prefer a smaller paddle.