Epic Paddles

Im thinking of getting a paddle and have tried the Epic Active Tour reinforced carbon. According to the specs its the same weight as the signature hybrid material which is cheaper.

Im guessing the signature hybrid blades will be more durable? Carbon is more prone to chipping if i remember correctly.

Should I spend more for the carbon blades?

I got the signature blades
the paddles are expensive enough as it is. You can chip the glass ones too. It all gets down to whether you want to spend the money for the lightest version. If you want blade chipping durability there are other paddles for that.

Check out the ONNO paddles
You can’t go wrong with them, Pat will put you on the best paddle for you. Inexpensive, lightweight and strong.


I have one
the blades aren’t as strong, I folded the blade on one trying to get the ferrules together applying too much down force and not twisting effort with one blade on the ground. They’re a great value but touring blade shape isn’t to my taste compared to the EPIC.