Epic Relaxed Tour vs Onno Mid Tour?

My preferred paddle is a full carbon Epic Relaxed Tour with burgundy shaft. I prefer it because it has a soft catch and is very easy on the shoulders and joints over the short and long hauls. I’m not in great condition, nor do I have the greatest forward stroke technique, so muscle fatigue can happen quickly. My Epic has a 215 to 225cm length lock shaft. I just bought it used this spring.

My next preferred paddle is the full carbon Bending Branches Spirit with Day blade. It is 220cm overall. It’s a little too “loaded” for all day paddling.

I also have a 218cm full carbon Onno Full Tour, which is just too much paddle for me. I bought it used without consulting Patrick Onno. My shoulders start rebelling early in my outings if I try to achieve a higher cadence. It affects me similarly to the Lendal bent shaft with either Norkapp or Archipelago blades that I tried last month. They cause shoulder pain within just a few minutes of use.

I’m considering the purchase of an Onno Mid Tour of signature carbon with a 205 to 215 adjustable length. I think the length should be ok, since I use the Epic set to 215cm most of the time, so my main question is regarding “loading” of he blade. Is my percieved effort per stroke likely to seem more similar to the Epic Relaxed Tour with burgundy shaft, the carbon Bending Branches Spirit with Day blade, or the full carbon Onno Full Tour? I still havn’t consulted Patrick Onno. I have tried calling a couple times.

I also used cooldoctor1’s 210cm Werner Shuna a few weeks ago and like the feel of it while using high angle strokes in his Prijon Barracuda better than I liked the feel of my Epic Relaxed Tour set to 215cm while using high angle strokes in the Barracuda, so a 210 Werner Shuna should also be added to the comparison feedback.

So: Epic Relaxed Tour with burgundy shaft with 215 to 225 adjustable length shaft vs 220cm Bending Branches Spirit with Day blade vs 218cm Onno Full Tour full carbon vs Onno Mid Tour signature carbon with 205 to 215cm adjustable length shaft vs 210 Werner Shuna in any construction.

Comparisons between any of the above paddles is welcome.

I’m just wondering if I’d be any better off with the 205 to 215cm adjustable length Onno Mid Tour siganture carbon than with the paddles that I already have.


P.S. I also have a 220cm Werner Kalliste bent shaft which just seems awkward to me because of the bent shaft. It seems to have an easier catch and lighter loading than the carbon Camanos that I have (the Camanos are 230cm and 240cm, so not included in this discussion).

It seems to me
you are too overwhelmed by your paddle selection. Please feel free to send extras to me for care, especially that Epic Relaxed Tour. I promise they will be well loved!

Nice try, the Epic’s not going anywhere.
My wife loves it too.

I can’t actually provide any good feedback for you. My only experience with paddles is an aluminum shaft EMS brand paddle, a carbon shaft Bending Branches Glide, and my own Epic Relaxed Tour Hybrid 0/60 220.

Love my Epic though, it is a great paddle. I’m really surprised at how well the blades have held up to the abuse I’ve given them so far.

Good luck…

Ya wanna sell that Full Tour???

I would suggest calling Patrick. He will talk as long as you want to and will shoot straight with you. I just bought a wing from him and it was right on the mark with me.

No luck with the phone #'s I tried.
I’m looking at used, not new, but might consider new.

Try this
He may be on a vacation or something. There is an email and a phone number on his site.

I do understand about used but have found it tough to find high quality stuff used and when I do it is just below the new cost.


Onno Full Tour vs Onno Mid Tour
Anyone compared these two head to head?

The # at the bottom of that page was
disconnected (temporarily?) when I called a couple days ago.

Was that you Yanoer ? Only got ONE

– Last Updated: Jul-19-07 6:40 PM EST –

garbled message that I could not understand ......

Is this a Mid Tour or Mid tour + ???

I think you will find the Mid Tour to be to your liking. Will feel nice to you in the way that the Epic does, albeit a little smoother and easier to hang onto. It will really come into its own as you move towards a higher angle style .... then you will prefer the ONNO over the Epic. Would be nice then to have the ability to try it shorter too. 215 is long enough.

The Mid Vs. Full. Both feel the about the same at a conversational pace ( in a sea kayak ) ...... The Full has a little more power 'in reserve' as you start pulling on it harder. The Full is NOT a giant blade that will bog your cadence down .... but everyone is different. If it weren't for the wings, I would use the Full for everything.

Edit for #. Problems with Pacific Bell services.

Our contact # is (858) 405 - 0652

Yep, that was probably me.
I was using the crummy headset on my cell phone in order to keep my hands free to write things down.

I’ll try to call this evening.

Thanks for verifying the correct phone #.

Onno Feather vs. Mid-Tour
Last week I paddled 8 miles with the Onno Feather

and then paddled the same 8 miles on the next

day with the Mid-Tour paddle. My biggest

impression was with the power of the Feather

paddle, as it moved us right along, and I was very

comfortable using a faster cadence. I did not get tired.

The Mid-tour paddle on the second

day came into its own because I went into a head

wind and did very well.

So, go with the Feather model if you are more

concerned with minimal wear and tear on your

joints and muscles. It will do the job. I thought

that it might be close to GP usage that seems to be

the current paddling fad, but it probably yields

more power return.

The Mid-tour takes a little more muscle, but also

returns more. If you need to paddle often in

wind, the the Mid-tour takes the call.

Actually, you won’t go wrong with either!

Happy paddling!

Paddle Daze
When you are free, we should invite others and have a paddle day, when we all bring five paddles and switch switch switch.

I have a brand new Max carbon wing paddle that hasn;t even gotten wet yet, and you still have to try my favorite Greenland twig.

Sounds good cooldoctor1.
I’m pretty tied up for the next couple weeks, but we should be able to get together sometime in the next month or so. I’m still working over time to pay for my paddling gear OCD.

I would like to try your greenland twig and your wing. I should provide you with a lot of amusement while you watch my efforts.

Thanks for that feedback.
That’s the type of comparison that I was hoping for.

Which construction and lengths are you ONNOs?

I granted first right of refusal to someone else last year that tried it and liked it a lot.

I’m leaning toward selling it, but it’s a hard decision to make since they’re hard to come by.

Thanks guys
I’ve been wondering about this myself.


"GP usage … current paddling fad"
I wonder if that’s how it’s described in the museum displays? L

The Onno paddles I have
are carbon, and 225cm in length, although

the mid-tour will adjust to 240 for use in

a canoe. I have found that extending the

length is also a way to gain “instant extra

power” from the increase in the radius of the

paddling stroke. The infinite adjustments of

length and feather are worth it.

I did not mean any offense against GP paddling

although I think there is a nostalgia to its

popularity. I respect heritage, and the GP is

true heritage. I am curious to know if any GP

paddlers have tried the Onno Feather, and how it

compares to a GP, but probably will never know

unless I buy a GP, which I might do.