Epic Small Mid Wing Paddle is stuck

I have an older paddle with a threaded sleeve for making adjustments. It is stuck. Any suggestions for loosening this sleeve?

Hot, soapy water. And patience to work with it for 30 minutes or more.

Then, in the future, give it soapy bath after every, every, every salt water or sandy paddle. And, at least monthly soapy baths if paddling only in non-sandy, non-muddy fresh water areas. And, try not to store it connected…break it down when not in regular use.

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I’ve used WD-40 and let it sit a while. Work with it for a bit. If it still won’t come apart use a hair dryer to heat it. If using a heat gun be careful not to over heat it.

Having two people to work it often helps, along with a lot of patience.

Rinse with fresh water after every use and as kayakhank says store disconnected. If the paddle seems bit tight, don’t worry about it. With use it will loosen up. I’ve had to throw out a few paddles after they became too loose at the ferrule.