Epic T Wing paddle?

Can anyone say what this is and any availabiliy info?

Epic T Wing, supposed to be smaller than the Small Mid Wing from info on one web iste (97’ square vs 116 or so for the small mid)…

I was surprised how much difference there is b/w small mid and mid wing when paddled head to head, so there would probably be a huge difference with the T, being so much smaller… Would make a great long distance cruising paddle or work well for a slower boat/smaller paddler.



Epic T Wing
I have a full carbon Epic Mid Wing and Small Mid Wing and agree that there is a big difference between the two. I would also like to try the “T wing” (training wing) when it becomes available. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that the “T wing” is still in the development stage.

Greg Stamer

Hey Big Greg
Tooth Pick Paddlers (that would be you) are legally not allowed to use wing paddles. IF the Greenland guys find out, you could be kicked out of the “cult” club.

Further, I don’t feel comfortable knowing guys like you are using and benefiting from up to date, improved and totally modern tools when you should be using your thousand year old products. After all, we know they were the first and therefore must be the best!

Isn’t that a breach of contract or ethics or something. Just seems wrong to me!

Any way, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah. I and others in our club have enjoyed following your exploits and expeditions!

We hope to see you soon. Maybe you will come up to Jacksonville and give our club the video presentation you promised us ONE YEAR AGO (smile inserted throughout).

Best regards


Thank you both for the replies
I only have the mid wing and it is great for workout but especially in my slower boats it’s a bit much to pull for more than an hour or two. So, lately it’s been staying at least half the time on the rear deck as a spare while I try to learn the GP and I begin to like this arrangement more and more it seems -:wink:

I think I would use a small mid or a t-wing much more than the mid wing, unless I get into sutf ski next year. I have been trying to find a used small wing for a while with no luck at all - they do not seem to be popular - may be an ego thing, may be it’s just me and my boat are not up to a larger paddle that everyone else who uses a wing and is over 100lb weight seems to be using -:wink: