Epic V-10 Surf Ski

The last 2 years I have paddled a Mako XT surf ski. I am considering the Epic V 10. I was wondering if anyone thinks this is too much of a jump up. How tippy is the V-10 and how does it do in wind chop and on flat water? I know it does well in big swells. I know the price is steep but thats not a concern for me. I have heard that the leaks have been ironed out. Thank you

I think you will for sure find it more

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of a challenge over the XT but should be a nice progression as long as you apply yourself to getting some time in the saddle.

Another option is the Huki S1-R which IMO is a bit faster than the XT or jump up to the Huki S1-X which is also a 'stable' fast group ski made here in the good ole' USA by some pretty nice people and is usually in the top 5 of most races out there.

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Epic V-10 surf ski
What I don’t like about the Huki is that it doesn’t have the adjustable foot peddle. I agree with you that Jude is a class act. Would really like to hear from those who paddled an XT prior to a V 10.

S1-X IS available with adj. foot
controls and it is a pretty clean system too. If one were to look at pictures from certain angles one might not be able to tell.

These boats are the cleanest built skis on the market.

Same Boar
I am in the same situation. I’ve had my XT for nearly a year and I’m now trying to decide on either the V10,S1-R, or the S1-X. Have had same great encouragment/feedback from Jude at Huki. I was seriously considering the S1-R, but I don’t want to find myself in the same situation in a year when I want something faster/challenging and regret not having gone with the X, or the V10.

The one advantage in going with the V10 is that I could drive to SC to pick it up.

Epic V-10 Surf Ski
Please let me know how the V 10 feels after you test it in Charleston. I know they have one available to test out. The question I have is how the stability is when your healed over a lot. I can hold the XT on its side with no problems.