Epic V10 and stability

-- Last Updated: Aug-01-06 9:06 AM EST --

I am going to a long distance race in Sweden in a couple of weeks time. I have been offered to use the norwegian Epic distributors own V10, and have some questions about the stability of that boat: Is it as tippy as a OF K1? I am relatively comfortable in my Struer Cleaver X -96 model, but think I can not deal with a even more unstable boat.

Answers would be very appreciated as I have to drive 400 km to collect the V10 before the race, and if it is too unstable, I will not do it


much more stable
The V10 will be considerably more stable than an ICF K1. I found it to be about as stable as my Mark 1, but much faster. Both are far more stable than my old Jaguar K1. It’s a nice boat. I’d make the drive to pick it up.


Thanks Andrew
Guess I have to drive to pick it up then. I can do this a week before the race, so I have the time to get used to the boat as well. Thanks for a fast answer.