Epic V10 sport VS Thunderbolt X

I would like a comparison of these boats. Speed, stability,and comfort. It’ll mostly be used on lakes and rivers. I’m 6’2" and 205lbs. I already own the Tbolt X but am thinking of getting a V10 sport and just wnat to know if this is a vertical jump or a waste of time. Thanks for any info. Chaz

V-10 sport
Hi if your able to paddle a t-bolt X with confidence. The sport is very stable and forgiving. one of my freinds has both and is much more comfortable and stable in the v-10 sport. Where do you live?

You should try them out. THe v-10 is also quite stable.

Cheers Dan

I’m just south of Binghamton.
I’d imagine I could handle the V10 I just didn’t know how I’d fit in it. Dan you had a T bolt and now the V10 right? What do you think of them? For lakes and some rougher rivers would it be a better. I’ve been in the T-bolt a few months and am pretty fit flat water but only so-so rough water in it and was just thinking the open cockpit might be better. I really like the T-bolt but not being able to get back in after dumping it kind of keeps me from deep water races. Thanks for the info. Chaz

Have you seen what Oscar looks like?

bulkhead and thigh braces in tbolt
I feel more comfy by adding bulkheads and small out of way thigh braces. It is about fun. You will be faster on the ocean in something you feel solid in. There are other stable skiis other than epic sport.

There are only a handful of people in the world who can take a t-bolt on the ocean or thru gloucester harbor for blackburn. Many started in tippy boats when they were 12

I added a bulkhead already
I read about your boat Dave and added one over the winter. Big help when I do go over. I just had a bad weekend in the river rapids and was thinking a ski would help with getting back in. But like everyone said learn to stay in the boat and that solves this problem. The guy with me made it with is mohican and a rotating seat so I should be able too no problem. ( it was his home course). Thanks for all the info. I’d still like to try one but for now I’ll probably stick to the T-bolt. Chaz

Hi corinneandchazross
Seems like a ski is going to be a COLD boat to paddle up there in the winter? I guess you would keep your Thunderbolt for winter paddling?

I own both a Sport and the new Think Evo. Go try boats! The hunt is lots of fun.

The Evo is very comfortable and is beautiful to look at. It is slightly faster on the flats than the Sport and a little bit tippier, but definitely doable. The footwell stays dry.

Good luck finding just the right boat!


I stay indoors in the winter.
We have a Vasa trainer I used indoors last winter so I don’t really do to much cold weather paddling. But thanks anyway. I like the idea of a Ski, but I’ve never been in one so I really want to try one before I jump into anything. I have a freind that’s an epic dealer and he has a sport that’s how this got started so I’m trying to get him to take it out so I can try it. I win most of the local tri.'s around here so he’d like me in an epic so that’s why Epic is on the top of the list. THanks again for the info. Chaz

I don;t know that much…
…about the T-bolts, but isn’t it possible to wear a spray skirt and use leg straps and roll it back up? Seems like somebody told me they could roll theirs…that might save a little swimming?

I paddled the V10
I have been your weight … and when I was shopping for my first fast boat, my main concern was fitting.

I was lucky to find a used V10 and was very happy with it at first. Learning stability and technique in a boat that I could re-enter easily in open water turned out to be a HUGE plus.

While striving for better technique including hip rotation and leg work, I realized I not only needed room to marginally fit into the boat but also room to move. I was able to make that room by adding a 2 inch seat pad. This setup solved a lot of problems but it also made me go swim a handful of times. Eventually, paddling my V10 for about 1000 miles prepared me to switch to an ICF-K1 without too many swimming lessons.

The option to re-enter the boat and continue your workout within minutes is a huge plus for the V10. However, your T-bolt has a huge plus for paddling ergonomics and it might have some weight advantages. If money is no issue … I’d buy a Mohican!

In my opinion, the Mohican is light, fast, roomy and stable in all flatwater conditions! I never met a paddler that would consider selling his Mohican.

My training partner has a mohican
And he said if he would have demoed the boat he woundn’t have bought it. It’s not near as stable as he thought it would be, although he’s now using the epic ICF boat and doesn’t think it is that hard after paddling the mohican for a year. He did have some issues with his mohican that made him get a rotating seat. Now that made it real unstable. I’m sure the T-bolt can be rolled but in the rapids we go threw I’d be worried about trying.

I’m just alittle worried about the position(in a ski) compared to the sit in kayaks. Does it take some time to get used to just sitting out there? I’m pretty new to kayaking in general so give me some slack if I sound alittle stupid. Chaz

Tbolt X vs V10 Sport

Not sure which would be faster - probably the Tbolt X. The v10 also has an underhull rudder, which is damage prone in shallow water. The V10 Sport does offer the safety and recovery advantage of a surfski. If you can handle the X, then why not try a V10 or V10L - they are quite stable, and about 5% faster than the Sport. Whichever you get, the Ultra layup is very delicate, I’d go with 1 of the fb layups, which are tougher and much easier to repair.

I think I’ll be able to demo a V10
this weekend. We have a river race and the guy that usually wins uses a V10 so I’m going to see if I can take if for a spin. I’m not sure how hard it is to adjust the pedals, he’s a pretty short guy. But I’m sure he’ll let me try it. I guess I was thinking the sport so I wouldn’t have to put so much time in. I mostly do kayak triathlons and just haven’t put the time needed in yet to really use the potential of my boat. I’m pretty fast flat water and that’s what most of the races I do are, and even the kayak only races I’ve done the river’s haven’t been that bad I just need more time on them I guess. This weekends race is by far the toughest rapids I’ve done with this boat. I tried them a couple weeks ago and It didn’t turn out so well so I hope the race goes better. Chaz