Epic v6/V8

Anybody have experience with these boats/ Not sure if they are considered SOT or surf ski.

I assume much more stable than a surf ski like the V12 ? Stability? Aside from 2 feet shorter and an inch less beam any difference between the two?

Just considering picking one up as a second ride.

Have a V8
Can’t compare to a V12, never paddled one. I had a WSBS Thunderbolt and the V8 is tons more stable, slower too of course. The V8 is the same hull as the Epic 18x sport. It’s tippier than most 21" wide boats because of the rounded hull but still plenty stable with great secondary stability.

Can’t comment too much on speed since I’m way out of racing shape right now. I only got one short paddle in when I bought it late fall a couple years ago and then took a whole year off from paddling to build my house.

When I first took it out I was surprised how close in speed it was to my Thunderbolt (which I wasn’t able to push to its limits, I could average a little over 6.5mph in the Thunderbolt for 6+ miles on flat, deep, water). Where the speed difference really showed up was sprinting and in shallow water. Shallow sections that I’d hardly even feel with the Thunderbolt turned into major suck water with the 18x.

More speed would be nice at times but it’s also good to have a boat that really lets me concentrate on form and rotation without feeling like I’m going to fall over. Plus if I feel like slowing down and watching the birds I can.