Epic v7 vs18x

Hi Guys
is the v7 faster than the epic18x all i see is the old speed comparison test that does not have the epic v7 in there, cant find any info would like the v7 next summer

V7 is 17’ X 21". 18X is 18’ X 22". While the V7 is an inch narrower, I’d expect the longer 18X to be faster.

There are lots of skis that are faster if it’s potential raw speed you want.

The real question is what are you looking for and where will you be paddling? The 18X has more storage capacity, so is what I’d prefer for kayak camping, but if you like a surfski “format” ( and don’t want to learn to roll ) then the V7 would probably be more to your liking. Just depends on your preferences.

I agree with Gstamer,
18x would be a touch faster, but preference is everything.

Want the v7 for the big waves. As I overheat with a skirt on and I would think the re entry would be much simpler on a surf ski specialty on the ruff water. I really don’t think I can re enter my 18x in rough water How easy is it with a ski. I also looked up the sound rowers waterlines and they are both at 10.6 :1 they have the v8 at the same also. The v8 pro is different But the v7 is so affordable

The 18x is faster because the V7 is plastic and heavy. My training partner owns both and it isn’t even close.

The V-8 is an 18x hull with a surfski deck on it, the V7 is a dog in comparison.

Another boat to consider is the Fenn Mako XT. It is faster than the V7 and has been around and popular for a long time. It might be possible to find a good used one for a decent price. I know Fenn has targeted the Australian market, as they are from South Africa.

Good luck with your decision.

Reentry on a ski, especially a wider one like the V7 is a snap.