Epic V8 Vs Fenn Blue Fin

I’m a Beginner and want to buy a surf ski mostly to use Down wind and surf waves . Which one do you guys recommend between the Epic V8 and the Fenn Blue Fin.


Fenn is 19’4", V8 is 18’. Length in surfski’s is speed. I would get the Fenn. I have Fenn Mako XT surf ski, it’s 19’ X19".

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Thank you

Fenn would be better for downwind.

The V-8 is an 18x with a surfski deck. The 18x is known to be somewhat of a handful in confused waters, while the Fenn was designed for such.

The V-8 will be faster in flat water, because if has less rocker in the hull.

Would be helpful if you posted your height and weight.

Although the Epic is slightly shorter, it will be faster on flat water as it has low rocker and the Bluefin is known to be somewhat slow on the flats.

But you say you want to downwind, and the Bluefin is a far superior DW boat. Its known as one of the best for huge gnarly conditions or beginners. Epic’s have generally better construction quality, but Fenn is generally acceptable. I had a swordfish s for a couple years and it was one of my all time favorite boats due to its deeeeeep secondary stability. Very reassuring in sloppy stuff.

Where are you at stability wise? Do you come from a skinny sea kayak or K1 background? The bluefin will still be a handful to a true beginner in waves, so be smart about the conditions you choose to paddle. DO NOT downwind until you have a solid brace and can remount with ease in waves (wait for a boat to pass in the harbor or find a safe place to practice where bailout is possible with little consequence).
If you cant brace instinctually and remount in any conditions you’re asking for trouble.

So get the bluefin and go learn! its a great boat and I think you’ll find downwinding is the funnest thing ever!


I’m 6.1 and 220 pounds

Thank you so much and yes I will be very careful