Epic wing. Blue or Burgundy?

I’m 6’1" 165 lbs. lean, not a brute type. I’ve got an 18X Sport. I’ve been using an Ikelos bent shaft which I like, but I’m going to add a wing paddle for fitness paddling and hopefully some racing. Epic lists their mid wing carbon at the same weight for either shaft, so what’s the advantage of having a little more flex if it doesn’t offer any weight savings? Is the flex itself cosidered beneficial? Will the stiffness be on par with my Werner? Thanks as usual.

Flex will be easier on your joints…

– Last Updated: Jun-19-08 5:39 PM EST –

I went the other way.. from an Epic wing to a bent shaft Werner to fix the damage the wing did to my elbow.

get the soft or medium shaft as it feels lively and comfortable during the pull. There is no loss in efficiency for anyone outside of an Olympic K1 final. The stiff shafts feel dead in the water. Think of it like riding a rigid fork bike and a bike with suspension. Also, virtually no marathon racers use the Epic stiff shaft paddle if that tells you anything.