Epic yak paddle question

I am thinking of replacing my Werner paddle with a new carbon fibre Epic, but I am wondering if the shaft can take the pressure of entering and exiting the yak in the conventional way?

Have any of you broken a Epic paddle getting in and out?

I weigh 165 pounds,



unless you went surf reinforced

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I would not recommend it with an epic full carbon signature. The hybrid signature has a much more durable shaft, (same shaft as the current surf version I believe.

Perhaps you can learn to go more lightly on the shaft so that that is less of an issue.

As others have written, getting in, (and out) is often less than graceful for many paddlers like yourself, who have considerable experience. It ain't too pretty for me, I know.

My problem has…
…nothing to do with experience. I have bone on bone in one knee, so all the weight has to be on that paddle shaft.

You should see me when I fall cross country skiing.

Everyone else will pop right back up. It takes me all kinds of contortions.



Jack I aknowledge your years of
Experience. Again entry and exit are less than graceful for many experienced paddlers, and I number myself amongst them, (though I’ve less years and mileeage paddling than you).

As my balance improves I put less stress on padddles as I enter and exit.

These great machines we are loaned, do break down sometimes, I wish you and yours well.

Ask Epic how they compare…
Bet the first person to answer has no idea… :slight_smile: Ribbing aside, not sure which Werner you have but you have one of the blue (or sometimes black) all glass shafts please note these are some of the strongest shafts out there…the older ones even more so. I use exactly the same weave glass (in S- glass) for my Hybrid shafts and I am constantly amazed at how tough it is. Not many other shafts out there as durable. Many of the H.P. shafts out there are built with a high percentage of of unidirectional cloth in the 0 axis…good for stiffness, not as good for hoop strength and toughness. Something has to give.

If you get a knowledgeable person on the phone, go over exactly what your intentions are and see what they recommend. Double check warranty too. In your case , certain two piece configurations are not quite as strong either.