EPIRB rentals

Does anyone know of outfits that rent EPIRBs? I do not feel like plunking down $1000+ if I can get away cheaper.

Google It
I rented one last season and found several links by doing a google search.

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Not $1000 anymore…
This is the one a buddy and I split the cost on:


Here’s some more info on it:


It is now quite a bit less than when I bought mine a couple of years ago and splitting the current cost might make it quite reasonable. At that time, this was the smallest (can be carried in many PFD pockets), submersible, manually activated unit that included GPS, 121Mhz homing freq. and 406Mhz for the COPASS/SARSAT system.

If you go to
www.plbrentals.com they have them for rent.

rents them as well. Not a bad boating organization, thought their merger with WEST marine was a bad move.

Last year I rented a …
Globalstar sattelite phone for not much more than they wanted for the PLBs. Granted it took up much more space, but the added utility was more than worth it for me. Just the fact that I could maybe get help (from a ranger, perhaps) without having to mobilize the SAR folks for an airlift made the difference in my case.

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This is in addition to a cell phone
VHF is not commonly used where I am going and an EPIRB seems to be the fastest way to get help quick. Thanks for the links. I may just buy the McMurdo. Not much more than the rental cost.