I am interested to see how many of you own EPIRBs. I’m also interested to see which EPIRBs you might recommend. I’m more interested in a 406 megahertz with integrated GPS vs. just a PLB (personal locator beacon). I’m planning a more involved coastal trip and I’d like to rent and/or purchase an EPIRB that I could stow on my PFD somehow. Your thoughts and recommendations would be terrific.

Ping - I thought I make one more request on the forum to see if anyone has an EPIRB/PLB type locator device. Your thoughts or recommendations are welcome. I realize this technology may not be vogue among many kayakers, but on longer trips it’s just one more “end-of-the-line” resource to ensure I can come back to my family…alive.

Also curious
When I researched EPIRBs a while back, they were heavier, bulkier, and a lot more expensive than I wanted to deal with, but I’m in an area with good VHF coverage. I’d also be curious if anyone is using one in a kayak.

The Coast Guard is only monitoring the 406 MHz frequency so anything else is a complete waste of time and money. The Swiss watch company Brietling offers some wrist watches with built in EPIRB, but they are on the older frequency AFAIK. Anything that I have seen that is 406 MHz is very bulky. Let us know if you find something compact. Another thing to ask the CG is if there is coverage in the area you are going to be in.



Neat Unit
Here’s a cool unit - not cheap! IT has an integrated GPS.


along the same lines

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does anyone know of a source from whom one could "rent" an EPIRB unit for aweek or more? kind of a high up front cost if its only going to be used a few times.

you might want to check out this link:


Disclaimer: I have no way of personally assessing the value of this information but found it interesting.

I believe it’s the US Boat Association that rents EPIRBs. I called them, but realized they wouldn’t work for my use. They are water activiated EPIRBs (w/ no integrated GPS) and have to be stored in a Pelican case that I don’t think would even fit in my hatch. I’m not sure if there any other companies that rent them.

Leaving the water…
I know someone that had one turn on in the back of their truck. They were in a bit of trouble when the Coast Guard desended on the vehicle in a parking lot… GH