Episea > Piccolo?

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Greetings all,

It seems information on the Episea kayak is a little light. However, from the searching this forum, I found tidbits here and there about it. From what I read it appears the EpiSea is superior to the Piccolo?

The only real cons seem to be that its inital stability is not as good as the Piccolos and it doesn't look like you can add a rudder to it (if its even needed?)


I cannot seem to find a straight answers on weight capacity, cockpit dimensions, long term durability of these Kayaks, additional specs or detailed reviews from perspective of small adults.

If anyone can chime in on this topic I would be most grateful!

Thanks in advance!

look here

I borrowed one to use with a very small person a few years ago. small people don’t need what larger people consider stability.

I would like the deck to be a little lower for really small people…very basic kayak, no frills at all…only a few hundred dollars. can’t get a Cadillac for the money…it’s what it is and fills a niche.

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I agree. I wish the deck were much lower, both front and rear. However, it’s a decent kayak for small people (probably maxing out around 5’ and 110 pounds, i’d guess), and it paddles fine. No need for a rudder. Not the right boat if you want to learn to roll, IMO.

is what I would like to see imported for small people and kids


look at the Newt :} have to scroll down a bit

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high deck and not for rolling?
Thank you everyone for your inputs!

From the looks of the kayak (none with small adults in in) - it looks like the combing rim and lack of thigh braces is the reason its not good for learning to roll? The deck doesn’t seem that much higher than the piccolo?

It looks like (from the specs I can find) - the Episea is a little longer (14’ 2" vs Piccolo 13’6") more narrower (20" vs 21.25") - it should be the better touring kayak of the two, except it doesn’t have thigh braces, and higher combing & deck?

If I could ask - If you had to choose between the two which would be the overall better kayak for someone to take classes with as well as keeping it long term (don’t think my wife will grow any bigger :-p)?

CD Raven?

Thank you everyone!
Just wanted to update this thread - in case someone in the future had questions about the Episea.

Went (wife) to go try it out today - it was tight…really tight - on that note the wilderness Tchaika/Piccolo fits great…I’m not sure if it was the 1" difference in beam - the seat in the episea is hard plastic and where the sides of your butt would make contact with the seat/boat, its does not flare out to the fuller width of the kayak.

John Abrams from SuperiorSurfSystems.com was very helpful with measuring the actual width of the seat - it is 13.25". The ideal paddler weight being between 65-110 lbs

Probably a really great kayak for a kid, but not for small women (hips n’ all)…unless they have a very slender rear :wink: