epoxy advice

Thickened epoxy? is that just epoxy with hardener

or is there something else added to get

thickened epoxy like wood flour? or?

added filler
You don’t alter the resin/harder ratio. That would cause curing problems and affect the epoxy properties. You mix the spoxy as normal and then add the thickener(s).

There are a variety of thickeners you can use depending on the application: Microfibers, silica, wood flour, microballons, etc.

Lots of good information here:


Mas epoxy/hardener
That’s what I was looking. I’am using MAS

so it’s pretty much the same being a 2:1

mix. Thx

it’s like cooking

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there's a huge range of products, low viscosity epoxies, fast curing epoxies for low temperatures, slow curing epoxies for high temperatures, flexible epoxies, high tensile epoxies.

You can pretty much do anything you want starting with low viscosity epoxy used for glassing and adding thickeners for applicatins like laminating, bonding or gap filling.

Cabosil or fumed silica is a common thickener, it's used in ketchup too. Cabosil is very light but loses volume in epoxy making anything from a light syrupy viscosity to dense mayonnaise consistancy. In thick mixtures it'll reduce the curing times a bit as the silica retains the heat of curing.

thickened typically means woodflour or other filler is added AFTER the resin and hardener is mixed.

Leave it a little runny for gluing applications.

A little thicker for filleting.

The link that Angstrom provided explains it

really nicely, it’s provided more info then

any build books that were recommended.

After reading this it all seems straight forward