Epoxy clean-up tip from C and K

magazine. Vinegar removes epoxy from hands and tools and is a lot more skin -friendly than mineral spirits.I just tried it and it works great.

vinegar works great
I used the same thing!


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Thanks for the tip, need to glue blades on a shaft soon.

Wished I had known this when I was building some boats


Also works good to clean up RTV/silicone glue.

a little vinegar keeps the system
regular also.

Glass cleaner
Mix a little in a spray bottle of water and it makes a great glass cleaner,just use the cheap white vinegar.Don’t use balsamic,it smells gross when sprayed but tastes great on a salad,can’t figure that out.

what not to do
If you have epoxy on your latex gloves and use them to wipe something off of you lips, do not try to lick the epoxy off of your lips. It tastes horrible. At least, that is the case for the ((brand name withheld to protect the stupid)) brand I used on my last boat.

I would also recommend not sticking your head into wet fillets unless you have a particular “epoxy head” look that you are trying to cultivate.

If you have a pet fly, ask it to stay off of your wet epoxy unless you want said pet to become a permanent part of your project.

Do not do epoxy work while wearing your good clothes unless they were an unwanted gift from someone with truly horrible taste.

I could go on, but the memories are too painful :slight_smile:

I know, your lips are sealed.
If I ever meet you and a couple of others here, we’ll

sit around and laugh for an hour and never say a word.

Remember to wipe your scissors off after cutting wet cloth…