Epoxy/Fiberglass question

I just bought a car to transport my kayaks to points beyond the Hudson. It’s a 1987 Volvo and the engine is great but the car has its quirks.

The knob for the stick shift and the driver’s side window knob comes off in your hand regularly, and there are rust spots around the trunk…nothing big, just around the edges.

Does epoxy or vinylester or some other resin stick to metal? How about plastic?

Can I repair the rust spots with fiberglass.

I’m a city kid and know nothing about cars, but am getting used to boat repair so am hoping to apply my skills to the new vehicle.


PC-7 epoxy
will fix both the knobs, takes 24 hrs to cure, and another 4 days to fully harden. Just sand all shiny areas on the stickshift shaft in inside knobs, and clean everything with 70% isopropanl and let dry completely. Fill holes with well mixed epoxy, stick knobs on (should have excess epoxy forced out of hole) and use tape to hold in place for at least 24hr. Use paper towel to wipe off excess epoxy, and can wet you finger with water to smooth out epoxy around joints before it dries.


Rust: scrape off loose rust, then use navel jelly to remove most of the remaining rust then either:

  1. paint with rustoleum paint and be done with it (easy); or 2) fill in with bondo, sand bondo and paint with color matched paint (lot of work).

Great advice, thanks!! NM

You are welcome!