Epoxy or Gorilla Glue for Fiberglas???

I am gluing some plastic parts on the inside of my glass boat (pump mount and some bungee eyelets).

Which do you think would be better at joining plastic to fiberglass…two-part epoxy or Gorilla Glue? I imagine both are good.



two part
epoxy “for fiberglass”, Devcon (made in USA) makes a good one. Gorilla Glue is not appropriate for that purpose, it is best on porus surfaces and is not recomended for continous submersion in water.


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gorilla is for wood which has pores for it to get into. Pressue is needed to. (Oops... what BW said above.)

Tape the stuff in place as the epoxy cures. Also, it helps to rough up the mating surfaces a bit with sandpaper.


Good idea on the tape as well. I am going to be gluing on the maglight mounts for my pump (thanks, Sing for the great idea!)