Epoxy paint


I have an all carbon racing boat. Very hard to see in the water. I would like to paint the bow and stern to make it more visable. So have any of you done this. Thanks


Well, sort of
Years ago I painted the deck of an old Seda C-1 with Sears Spray Epoxy paint. It seemed to hold up relatively well. I imaging that paint technology has improved over the past 30 years, so go ahead and wet-sand the area and paint away!


Wear bright clothing.

What might work…
I dropped my QCC kevlar kayak and took a large chunk out of the front last year.

I called Phil at QCC and he said to use regular two part Epoxy and then spray paint it with regular auto spray paint that you get at the auto stores.

In my case it was white, and that was almost a year ago and it has had tons of use and is still holding up fine.

I would think it would work the same on carbon.

Why not try a test on a small area.

If it melts it or does something catastrophic I’ll run like hell!



Was that the big Seda c-1 cruiser?
Nice boat. I had a chance to buy one just as they were going out of production, and passed it up.

Just use regular Krylon or their Fusion.
I recommend maybe three light coats rather than two heavy ones, so you don’t get the runs or orange peel. I used flourescent fuschia on the front of a motorcycle fairing, and it both improved visibility and stood up well to high speed bugs.

Ok will look for some spray paint.

thanks Dan

sand the area
Epoxy can be painted with any good exterior alkyd or polyurethane based paint. Poly will wear best.

You should mask off the area where the paint is to go and sand with 80 grit. The paint needs some tooth for a mechanical bond, otherwise it will flake off.

Plan on several light coatsto build the coating and durability.

Honestly do not know. It was the first Seds built to the revised ICF regs allowing ends to be lower than cockpit. Mine was a used demo, and my main goal was to fill teh resin-starved areas of the deck. Boat was a 400x70 cm size, and was a sports car compared to the Bone’ I was used to paddling.


High quality reflective tape, to painting, sanding invloved

Two Part Polyurethane
If you want a really good looking paint job and don’t mind a bit of bother. I painted a beach catamaran with this stuff, 3 coats and it looked great. Now, I think I’d go with the auto spray can.

No, the c-boat I have in mind was later.
Came out about the same time as the Gyramax. The Seda was a fairly big hull so it was light on the water. Usually made in Kevlar. Fairly fast, decently maneuverable, but not enough rocker for play by even the most conservative modern standards. I would have bought one, but the cockpit was too small, and at that time I had never laid up a rim from scratch.