Epoxy Pigment

Where do you get epoxy pigment? What is it exactly?

West System website

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Under the "products" tab there is a sub-folder for "additives". They list two pigments: white and gray. Hope these are in your color scheme!



As an afterthought I tried John Sweet's site. He does list pigments in a number of colors that will work with West System epoxy.


Another link

pigments dye the colors of your resin. They are best used when you plan to clear coat or varnish for your final finish. It’s you can see the woodgrain but also get the tint you want.

They DO NOT provide UV ray protection. You still need to coat the epoxy with something to protect it.

Another way to use it: If you plan on painting the boat, using white pigment in your final coat of resin serves as a nice “primer”.

Thanks Matt. I already E-mailed

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RAKA. Truth is , I cut 2 mid panels so the 'B' side is out.I'm trying to decide whether to buy another sheet of plywood or just paint the boat.

it could be new plywood, a lot of sanding, or paint.

You can’t swap them around? Or they built up too much already?

You can use small amounts of Acrylic Paint as found in art stores… some fade pretty quick in the sun, other colors last for years…

Have had test panels on the roof for over 6 years now…

A local marina or boat shop should have some.

carbon black
I have have a friend who has used carbon dust mixed with epoxy to repair/protect a wood and canvas boat. It makes it a cool black color, but also make a super durable coating harder then any gelcoat.

Link of west-system additives