Epoxy question

Will epoxy stick to royalex ?

Jack L

Both conventional epoxies such as West Systems 105 resin (with whatever hardener) and West G Flex epoxy will bond to Royalex. Of course, Royalex consists of more than one material.

In my experience epoxy bonds well to both the ABS component and the vinyl component of Royalex. I generally prefer to use G Flex epoxy for repairs on Royalex since the cured epoxy has a modulus of elasticity that more closely matches Royalex, but I have seen repairs done on Royalex boats using conventional epoxy that worked well.

On the other hand, I have seen some repairs to Royalex boats done using conventional epoxies that have delaminated and flaked off over time, but I did not do those repairs so I don’t know if compliance mismatch or inadequate surface prep was to blame.

Many thanks for the quick response
I’ll forward this to my daughter who I was asking for

Jack L

Royalex skin is
vinyl. Vinyl specific glues and fillers are outstanding holding vinyls together.


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G-Flex works. I've used it with great results. West Marine has a how to video on a canoe that is probably in a lot worse shape than your daughters.


available glues for vinyl royalex skins depending on what is glues and how permanent the result would be.

Wenonah has a video on attaching pedestals with Velcro.

I arrived wanting to glue d-ring patches for dry bag harnesses. Then pedestal, pads as less permanent glueables…a second look at the Velcro here.

NRS recommends H2 for the pedestal. H2 is a repackaged 3M (?) available from eg EMCO.

Here’s NRS: http://goo.gl/pS9EU3

NRS rep was less enthusiastic abt Gflex for the pedestal. After reading online I chose Gflex but have not applied Gflex to the minicell pedestal…see if the minicell dissolves.

Of course boat companies recommend vinyl adhesives for vinyl repair and fillers…used for d-rings.

Contact cement
No need for epoxy on mini cell pedestals or knee pads. The Weldwood RED can contact cement works great for this application. The green can is water based and not the best product for boats.