Epoxy vs. Waterproof Epoxy?

I kinda thought all epoxy was basically the same but I made a paddle shaft repair using the clear Locktite stuff you can buy at the hardware store and it has turned soft after some exposure to water. What is the best stuff in a small tube? Thanks.

Devcon is pretty good.
If you are looking for a tube of adhesive epoxy.


Don’t use 5 min epoxy in any brand.
for water proofness.

Loctite? Small tube? I didn’t know
Loctite marketed epoxy. Anyway, there should be two tubes. You might be able to get a West epoxy repair kit in separate pouches. Personally, I use epoxy enough that it’s a good investment to get a quart of West resin, a “pint” of 205 hardener, and the metering pumps. It will last a few years and you’ll find other applications.

Actually it was the plastic "syringe"
Oops. It is 5 minute. I thought it was 15 minute. I’ll go by West Marine and see what they have.