Epoxy - whats your secret...

on keeping the rim in the quart cans clear of the gooey liquid after using it.

I have no problem wiping the rim of a paint can with a few swipes of the paint brush after use, but no matter how I try the stuff just seems to gum up on the rim of the epoxy can.

Help ???



You using open-top cans?
I occasionally have trouble with West pumps dripping, but the drips don’t usually last on the top of the can.

Do these cans have screw tops?

What brand of epoxy is it?

If It’s A Wide-Mouth Can…
…like a regular quart paint can, I punch a series of holes thru the trough on the rim - about 8-12 of them - this lets the paint drain back into the can.

clean paint can
Take some aluminum foil. roll it into a snake, then push it into the depression in the rim filling it level. After you’re done, peel the foil out and the rim is clean and goo free. Works great with paint too.

Hole drill in lip is best for any can …
Epoxy or paint + still stays sealed … Hey, I thought all you ‘old guys’ already knew this … LOL : )

Pumps … just twist the pump around so it drips onto top of can … drips really only happend in extreme temp. changes anyway but I still routinely do this every time I use them. Keeps the pumps ‘loose’ and I like to keep thingds neat.

Ah, that sounds like what I need to do



I swear, when I reach 100
I still will be asking questions like this.

Just finished epoxying a small aluminum plate to a pipe clamp using a strip of fiberglass and also epoxying a washer to the pipe clamp screw head for ease of turning.

I’ll glue a piece of velcro to the plate and it will become a canoe thwart GPS holder.

The whole process took about three openings and closings of my quart can of epoxy and that gooey rim mess was starting to dribble all over the place.

Thanks and cheers,


"Boat Yard -Fiberglas Resin"
No a rim like a paint can.

Want to borrow some for your latest air plane repairs?



“Boat yard” Resin … I’ve run through
tons of that stuff … cheapest you can get that still goes off.