I need to repair several small holes (the biggest being finger sized) on Bonnie’s surf ski. Any recommendations for fiberglass/epoxy? I’ve always liked West Systems just 'cuz they’ve done so much for watersports.

On a side note, we weren’t too far (luckily!) from the put-in, when Bonnie and her surf-ski began to slowly sink. We turned around and barely made it back in time. Man, that thing’s heavy when it’s almost totally filled with water! It was starting to look like a submarine beginning to dive. She handled it fine and wants to do the repairs herself. She’s an amazing woman!

I’m sure there are other excellent
expoxies around, but I haven’t found a reason to switch from West 105, usually with the faster setting 205 hardener, occasionally 206 hardener if I am working on a very hot day.

Hey John
West systems have small repair kits out just for something like that.

I think they are about $19.

They come with the epoxy, hardner and some fiberglass.

If there is no place near you that sell the West system epoxy, I found that in the automotive section of wally world they also have epoxy, hardner and fiberglass.

After you wet out the fiberglass and put it in place, tape a piece of stiff plastic film ( like a overhead projector film, or 3 ring binder page protector) over the patch. tape it down as tight as you can get it.

Next day the plastic film will come right off, and your job comes out as smooth as glass.

If any of the fiberglass is still exposed give it another coat of epoxy and then repeat the above process.

After it is done, sand it lightly and use a auto motive spray paint to match the existing finish.

jack L

Are the repair kits 1: mix ratio?
I have never really looked at West’s repair kit.

Thing about repairing several spots on a board is, one may have difficulty doing all of them with just one epoxy mixing session. If the kit epoxy is 1:1, then one can carefully meter into some proper sized container. If the stuff is a 5:1 mix like West 105/205, mixing small batches without metering pumps is much harder.

It would be possible to use West G-flex, which is 1:1 mix and comes in bottles where it is easy to dispense small amounts. However, G-flex does not penetrate cloth as easily. Once set up, though, it is surprisingly hard, and more than adequate for repairs on a board.

They have several different ones

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You can get one kit that has premeasured dosages in packets (one packet with the resin and the other with the hardener)

For very small amounts, I keep a quart of resin, and a small tube of the hardener that you measure out in drops. ( you can get this, (not West systems) at Wally world or West Marine now
I use the small plastic tubs that come with Crystal Light drink.
I use a half a tub of resin with 9 drops of hardener, and that gives me about five minutes working time.

And lastly, I always keep in my paddling tool box, (for on the road) a twin pack of the Locktight or equal plastic syrenges that you can get in any hardware store for a few bucks. They are premeasured and you can get them in various amounts of time use.

They have rescued me and a lot of other paddlers and campers many times.

Jack L