Equinox 10.4

I just bought an equinox 10.4 from CostCo. It appears to be built well and stable. Anybody have any experience or comments on this model?

I had one for a few years
it is a simple recreational boat. Insanely stable due to hull design. Great for new paddlers and guests. All my friends loved borrowing that boat. You will likely outgrow it and want something faster or more responsive, but it is a nice loaner boat for introducing other people to kayaking.

Rec boats…

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are stable by design. They are made for people who are not likely to start trying to do things like learning to roll that necessarily involve some capsizing and swimming.

They have a small fleet of these types of boats where we vacation on the shore each year, and my husband and I spent a lot of time in them until we wanted to get out of the cove and go to the islands out in the ocean bay. At that point we had to get proper sea kayaks and learn some skills, but those little rec boats got us started. I still borrow one for gathering mussels near the half tide land bridge rather than bringing out the 16 ft sea kayak.

I should mention that my brother-in-law had to give up using them and go to the rowboat because he regularly managed to capsize the boats at the Cove, Swifty's and Keowees. Like the Equinox, they were supposedly impossible to capsize. So you might have a friend who could do that.