Equinox rack

-- Last Updated: Jun-22-10 6:25 AM EST --

My friend just purchased a 2010 Chevy Equinox which has factory rails and cross bars. The rails are only open on the bottom for about 20" but they have an inside groove that runs the length of the rail. The outside of the rails are plastic inside metal. Has anyone used Yakima Rail Grab towers with this type of setup I know Yakima says it will work but I'm concerned about not enough spread between the bars as I like to get at least 30" for kayaks. Also can you clamp over the closed section for more spread?


It sounds similar to
the Hummer H3. I use the factory bars on mine but my wife has Yakima on hers. I bought the rail Grabbers for hers and they work great. We have hauled 2 boats from NY to Florida and back with no problems.