Error error error argh

New here. Using iPhone / Safari, site is navigation is barely possible. Almost every function goes to the something happened error message. Enormous struggle to do more than log in and read top list posts. is unique this way - everywhere else site access is just fine. Note - this is on my phone only. works fine with Firefox on my Windows laptop.

Advice / help?

It works on my phone, however it’s not my goto. I have a Google map that I made in Google Earth on PC, emailed it to myself, and open on the phone. I use Strava to log myself when I have a signal.

Also, there is a Gopaddling app which might work better than using Safari for the website version if that’s what you’re doing.

Does the GoPaddling app have access to the forum discussions and private messages here?

I doubt it. It’s just an app showing possible places to go. You should also take this info with a grain of salt. Many spots are unconfirmed or outdated, and do not match with those on Fish and Game maps at least for my state.

Try turning off any pop-up blockers or browser extensions.

Can you grab a screenshot with a time stamp next time it happens?


When I click on links that drop down from my ID icon, new ones go through once, but fail the second time.

I’ve whitelisted and in Adblock.

I get the same thing quite often when using my iPad. Frustrating.