eskimo roll in inflatable kayak?

I have an Inflatable Stearns whitwater kayak and wondering about learning to roll .It’s got thigh straps ,but I have been told inflatables are very hard to roll back up in.I have only owned inflatables and don’t plan on doing more than class 3 white water .I don’t want to sign up for pool time unless I think it would work for me like the way it does for the hard shell kayakers who are popping up and down under water all the time .Anyone got advise on this ?

I expect to see here soon a thread about
doing and eskimo roll with an aircraft carrier.

In prior threads…
I can’t imagine rolling up an inflatable myself, but would mention one common theme that has come up in prior threads about rolling in very wide or difficult boats. A common rsponse has been that you should learn to roll in a reasonably easy boat, and then consider how well that applies to your own boat.

Frankly, it’s a fun and useful skill even if you aren’t likely to use it in your own boat because of how much it helps your allover boat control and comfort in the water. And you get all of that in the process of learning it - you don’t have to actually have a roll to get the benefit. So you probably should go ahead and take some classes using boats that are friendly to rolling anyway. At worst you’ll have learned some new basics and will be ahead should you go to a hard shell in the future.

Some people CAN roll an AirCraft Carrier, the technique is different than for whitewater boats, as ACC’s are BLUE Water Ships…those of us that can roll, just remain cognizant of the structural differences; ACC’s are hybrid SINK/SOT’s, and due to their high center of gravity, it’s critical to sweep your paddle AFT and STARBOARD of the Superstucture to gain the leverage required to right yourself…

I’ve been rolling ACC’s since I was invitro, it CAN be done, although mostly the skill is hereditary…you are either born with it, or you aren’t…


I’d say go for it.
If you take the ducky to a pool session, a few things will happen. Someone’s going to offer you to learn how in a hard shell first. Second, a bunch of guys are going to want to play in yours to see who’ll be the first to succeed. Third, you’re going to make some paddling buds and connections. Go for it with an open mind and be prepared to play.


Good point
Even if you can’t roll it, it’ll turn into a game to see who can.

me first me first!
I wanna try!


I know a guy who…
…paddles a ducky STANDING UP and can roll it.

I have pictures of him running an 18’ water fall.

Pretty amazing.

And to Supertroll goes the bluestar,
exemplary BS.

Some IKs that claim to be role-friendly
Air Fource, Innova Safari

aft and starboard roll
Thanks titch ,I tried the aft and starboard sweep ,but instead of doing it while upside down I thought it best to practice it while upright .I now know how to get upside down ,I then figured if starboard put me upsidedown port side should keep me upright ,for some reason that didnt work either.I dont have much of a knack for it I guess.

However I’m not the kind to give up ,at 60 years old ( this comming march)Iv’e learned to keep trying if I’m going to learn something. It’s snowing here in Calgary tonite so I may have to resort to a pool .Some posters warned me against this as others would want to try my inflatable ,I’m not too worried about that as no one rides my Harley ,my woman ,and now my Kayak.

Thanks for the tip you fellow kayakers I’ll keep you posted on how the roll is comming along once I get sisned up for pool time .


Running it standing up !