Eskimo Roll - Necky Gannet

I have a Necky Gannet sea kayak (about 12 feet long I believe, about 7-9 years old now). Have been trying to learn the eskimo roll. Studied lots of things, and have been able to come really close – get out of the water, but never can complete the roll.

My question: am I wasting my time? Is it even possible to roll a kayak like this on a regular basis? It is not too beamy/high compared to lots of recreational kayaks out there – kind of in-between a sleek sea kayak and one of those big fat ones with a huge cockpit hole.


Once you learn…
…how to roll that, you’ll be able to roll just about any boat

Head up
Re the boat, the width isn’t helping and the way they have drawn the rocker out to a curved top, if I am seeing the pics I found right, aren’t helpful to rolling. But there are worse boats on the dimensions alone. This is what I found.

Length: 11’, Width: 26", Depth: 12", Weight: 44 lbs.

Cockpit 35"x16.5"

If you are almost getting up it is most likely that your head is coming up too soon. That is a really, really hard habit to break once you acquire it. I’d suggest that you go get some help now, and if they suggest another boat take their suggestion. Then come back to your own boat with retrained habits.

does your Gannet have
thigh hooks and hip pads? aside from technique those would help alot. just the width of your kayak isn’t the issue as there are creekboats and river runners in that range.

one thing that helped me learn, was to practice-roll at the edge of the pool without the paddle, developing the hip snap and torso movements to get the head-last thing correct (eventually letting go of the pool edge as you snap so that you don’t use your hand to push yourself back up).

This literal tub rolls
no thigh braces or hip pads…

I could never roll it until I learned in something a little “tighter”

he pushed off the bottom