esqif Vestige or Mad River Freedom Solo

Well, I’m musing about a new canoe. I’ve had a Mohawk Odyssey for about 3 years now, and I still like it a lot. But, I’d also like a more manuverable solo boat, yet I’m reluctant to go full whitewater as I just like to canoe camp on rivers with class 2+ whitewater. I expect my paddling to continue to improve; the Freedom solo is intrigueing, but I see that it’s heavy. The Esquif is lighter, but it’s short and might be a pain to paddle down a river.

The Mohawk XL is the dark horse candidate. The SuperNova is too wide. Really, I’m looking for an Odyssey with more rocker.

Who will offer some wisdom to this inexperienced paddler?


Vertige X
You could try the larger version of the Vertige.

But, the Vertige is a whitewater boat. Go that way if you want to do more day-tripping with eddy-hopping and surfing. If your focus will be limited to downriver canoe camping, you probably don’t need the dedicated ww solo.


Just improve the outfitting on the O-14. Add a cover, and straps and bags. The boat described are just a little (if any) more suited to WW.