Esquif adirondak or Wenonah wilderness

Hello everyone,
I am an intermediate paddler and I’m looking between these 2 canoes. I am 6’1” and 235#. I paddle some springs in Florida and some rivers in Georgia and Tennessee that have some class 1-2 rapids. These are my options. I’d like to have some tracking but able to navigate these lower level rapids. Also, will I sit shallower in the wilderness versus the adirondak? If things are negligible, I’d go for the shorter lighter esquif. If the Wenonah will handle the low class rapids about the same as the esquif but float higher, then I’ll get the Wenonah. Any thoughts? Thanks!

For what you’re describing, neither. :slight_smile: (both are designed as flatwater/lake boats, the Adirondack really being a small lake and river rec canoe).

Look at the Esquif Echo, the Northstar Phoenix, or the Wenonah Argosy in an IB layup, and you’ll have some viable options for someone your height and weight with your intended use.

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