Esquif Canoes

Does anyone know the history of this company or paddled any of their boats?

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I don’t know Esquif’s history, though I’m sure their website would be useful for that. My understanding is that they are Quebec company. I started seeing their ww solo boats (Nitro and Detonator) about 2 years ago. Now I see them quite frequently.

And, people seem quite excited about their new boats, which include a tandem “Prostpecteur” and a tandem ww boat, I believe called the Canyon. I think the Blast is a large solo ww, and the Zoom is a playful little one with a notch in the tumblehome to acommodate ww pry strokes.

Word is that as others (Dagger) get out of canoes, Esquif will be the new innovator. People here in BC seem to like the Nitro, and are sure to want to try their newer boats.


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I’ve paddled one boat, flatwater, I think it was the Avalon.It was a nice boat. They’re quite popular in quebec. The emphasis has been on whitewater, hence their boats seem quite solid, in other words, not light. Saw an Esquif Presage today selling for $1299 Canadian. However it was a bit of an upscale shop so I’m sure you could do better.

Hope this helped

I’ve heard

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that the Esquif Canyon paddles very similar to the OT Appalachian, (I know that the Esquif Presage is almost a carbon copy of the Appy)though has more rocker and additional depth. I'm just trying to learn more about these boats. I know their reputation with solo playboats but haven't heard much regarding their tandem whitewater trippers.

I’ve seen a Prespecteur in a local shop ( and I’ll bet it’s a great tripper! Anyone have feedback on that, I believe it’s fairly new.


heard Prospector “purists” complain that the lines aren’t true, but from what I’ve seen and read about this boat, it looks pretty sweet.

I agree its lines may not be “pure” prospector, it looks like it has a touch more rocker and flare - exactly why I think it would be awesome!

I look forward to hearing reviews from people who have actually paddled these boats!