Esquif Customer Service: Wow!

After last weekend’s poling with TommyT, the floor of my brand new Esquif Mistral begain to bubble up and delaminate from the balsa wood core.

I knew that by buying a boat with a new material I was taking a calculated risk but the chance to have a relatively high performance hull that was strong and could give me a 25% weight savings made that risk worth it.

I emailed Esquif last Sunday explaining what had happened and that I was a loyal customer that has owned multple boats of theirs and that I was having an issue with my newest. Much to my surprise, I received a call the next morning, Memorial Day, at 8:00 from the owner of the company, Jacques Chasse.

He apologized profusely and explained that out of all the Mistrals they had made, mine was the third boat that they had have issues with delaminating. He immediately offered me a new boat. That same day, I received an email from Nikki Rekman, Esquif’s national sales rep to give me the details of the exchange.

Perhaps I’m a bit cynical but in this day and age of lousy customer service, I was astounded at not only the speed that Esquif responded but by how much they stand behind their boats.

Great job Esquif!

canada doesn’t celebrate
Memorial day. I’m glad to see they are continuing to step up to the plate to make TwinTex work.

I know that
Canada doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day, but to have them call at 8:10 on a Monday was impressive