Esquif Mallard Vs Esquif Heron

What can the Heron do that the Mallard can not?

Any and all opinions welcome.

Thanks Yakboy

Esquif states that the Mallard is for
small waters. It’s only 12 feet long. It is lighter by a good bit.

The Heron is a full size tandem, wide at 38 inches.

Neither is a solo craft for paddling. Oars or a motor would be needed. And they’re too wide for solo, too.

I gather you’re after a square stern canoe for use with a motor, wide and stable for “sporting” use. Just be aware that these “canoes” aren’t for traditional canoe paddling methods.

I have an Esquif Mallard 12foot 36” wide that I use for fishing and camping. I use a 45 # Min Kota traxxis trolling motor and a 9 foot double paddle when in very shallow waters. The Mallard has 2” of rocker on both ends and I have been in 3 foot waves on a very shallow lake with 25 to 30 mph head wind, the rocker allows the canoe to ride up and over the waves and I have never been wet except for spray. I choose the Mallard for its low weight and at 12 foot I can haul it in the back my Toyota pick-up. Hope this helps.

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Iam planning on doing pretty much the same as you’

Thanks Yakboy