esquif pressage?

hi all.

right now i ahave an esquif pressage.

its a tuff royalex…

rocher 2 3/4 bow and stern.

mabe its me but it thos track that well.

mabe i would like to change it for something hesle.

not to expensive…

royalex or something semilar

solo 70% 305 duo

75% flat water.

no tripping or mabe a weekend sometime.

do use it to fish sometime in shalow rochy stuff.

and something that is not to slow…and those track better theh that pressage.

thanks for help.


any info on other model i could get by…frome

nova craft or mad river or wen-nonah…?


Lots of choices

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Almost any boat of similar length which has less rocker than the boat you have will track better and usually go a little faster. You can look up the specifications of them yourself.

On the other hand, you said "maybe it's me", and the answer to that statement is "yes it is." Since you already have this boat, how about saving your money and deciding to improve your paddling skills? There's a huge difference between making your canoe "go that way" and using proper technique. Get some instruction if you can, or get one or two books or videos and learn some proper strokes, learn to do them well, and the boat will track much better, and it will be faster too. You might even find that eventually you appreciate your boat's ability to turn. Based on the nature of your question, I'm confident that proper skills will make the boat behave.

thanks guideboatguy

this is a honest answer.

and i am not scare to say i am not a pro at this…i do paddle a lot but never did put mutch intention in it…

did paddle 32 time in my kayak and only twice in my canoes this past year…but next year i want to use my canoe a bit more.

and i di baught…2 book last week.

paddle your own canoe 9gary and joanie mcguffin

canooeing the essantial skills and safety…

it might help me.

but i am more visual.

so i might do what you said.,save money and mabe take a course or two…live on my local lake…whit becky masson…meech lake is just 10min frome here and she guive course there.


but i might sell one off my sit on top kayak…so might still get onother canoe…will see.

thanks again.


and actualy just order the solo paddling video off becky masson frome here yesterday…can t wait to see it.

is there other great video for padling canoe…?


look at her…wow
wow.can t stop looking at this little video.

sutch amasing moves she have.

one day…


Great opportunity ta larn from a great canooist - Becky Mason. Yer aar one lucky pilgrim.

Fat Elmo