Esquif Raven

Was reading about the Esquif Raven. Looks like an interesting solo canoe. Not any reviews out there yet. Can anyone give me some input/advice on this canoe? Looking to run class II type water/flatwater downriver trips. (maybe an occasional III)


You might take a look at this

The first part of it is about the Esquif Raven.

Also check out this one which has an evaluation of the Raven by Eric Nyre:

It certainly sounds as if the boat would have no difficulty handling Class III.

That royalex story is really concerning…

I don’t think there have been general
or recurring issues about Esquif’s use of Royalex. I think you would find an Esquif Raven stiff enough, and even stronger with time.

That post
has me leary of ordering a canoe from any company. Definitely would buy at a reputable shop and see how much flex the canoes have. Mohawk seems to be taking some abuse from the public. Maybe they can get their issues straightened out soon.

Well, I’ve heard of Esquif paddlers
scraping the vinyl off the chines on their Royalex boats, but I’ve never heard of a SERIOUS complaint about Esquif Royalex.