Esquif Spark.............

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Saw one on river last week; got curious…

Do you own one?

Have you test paddled one?

What do you think? Initial/secondary stability?

Handling on flat water, class II, class III sections?

Layup durability?

Fit & finish?

Any opinions about Esquif whitewater outfitting?

Really wondering how it handles in comparison to the Mohawk Probe 12 II, and Mad River Outrage?


Based on slalom boats, I believe it’s a “cab-forward” asymmetrical design.

Haven’t paddled one. Read up on it on People seem to love 'em.


fast & clean & challenging
I got in one for a few minutes last fall. It’s faster and more precise than my Outrage. I found the initial stability umm… challenging. Coming out of an eddy and WHOA! laid the boat right over on it’s side. Just when I was sure I was going for a swim, Whups! she sat back up. I guess the secondary is very good.

Fit and finish looked comparable to Mad River. I’m not sure who outfitted this boat but other Esquif factory outfitted boats I’ve seen were pretty good so long as you like Mike Yee style outfitting.

The Spark is Royalite so I wouldn’t expect it to hold up like a heavier royalex boat and you need to use the right glue if you do your own outfitting. (if you check over on Cboats I think Kaz had a post about what glue is the right glue)