Estero Florida in July

I am going to Estero Florida in July and I plan on bringing at least two Kayaks. I currently live in Missouri. I would like to know where is a good place to Kayak? I was thinking of Mound Island but need advice on how far and where to put in. What about Estero River. Any help would be great. Thanks

try this for a start

but in the height of bug season you might want something more open. I have not paddled it but have paddled the Everglades quite a bit.

There is a launch into the Estero river
from the state park.

You can paddle either up river or down river out into the bay


Estero Area Paddling
Scorpio -the Estero area’s a good one for paddling, especially if you can make it to the islands off the mainland.

Lover’s Key State Park is one site along Florida’s first blueway (The Calusa Blueway), a marked paddling trail along the islands and in the bay. Last time I was there I think it was a free entry to the Park -that might have changed, especially since Florida’s begun charging for everything during Gov Scott’s “make the State of Florida a successful business” term -and there were 2 or 3 launch points onto the bay from the beach there.

Inland, the Estero River can be accessed at several points. You might want to Google Estero River (or is it Bay?) Outfitters, or just ‘Estero + kayaking’ to get some additional information, and see if you can launch from their site(s).

The advice for summer paddling in Florida given above is good -be prepared for heat and bugs, plus check the weather -T-storms and such can pop up and you’ll want to be either off the water or prepared to land and get off the water while under way.

best of luck as you c’mon down and


Frank in Miami

Favorites near Estero Island
My favorites in that area are Mound key (read the fantastic history of this island that still has remnants of Calusa canals and flat-topped mounds) and Lover’s Key.

My other nearby favorites are Sanibel island, and Cayo Costa Island. Although a bit of a drive from Estero Island, paddling from Pine Island to Cayo Costa is a great trip if your navigation skills are good (or you can ferry your kayak from Pineland Marina to Cayo Costa). Stop at Cabbage Key along the way for a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.

Greg Stamer