Estimating resin quantity for strip canoe

I am estimating costs for a cedar strip canoe. As you know, epoxy is pricey. I am looking at about 10.7 yards of 3.7 oz glass cloth plus sealer coats on the raw wood plus stem reinforcing. The way the pricing works, the question is “Will three quarts do it?”
Also, does anyone have experience with vinylester resin for this purpose?

Look at the full kits on CLC or Pygmy for similar sized boats. I think they tell you how much epoxy comes with the kit.
I have a friend who builds and repairs boats using polyester resin. I have used it for several projects and repairs , but not for a full boat. It cures much faster than epoxy.

I would try asking over here…
FWIW… Pygmy supplies for their 14 foot.
2.25 Gallons epoxy
36 feet 6 oz fiberglass cloth

A lot of it depends upon your shop waste factor. The stuff you drip, leave in the pot, the over early cook off, over apply, etc.

Either way use a mix that is locally available. Figure a budget 1.5 times what you think you’ll need for epoxy.