estoric speed question

The Classic XL is probobly the winnningest stock solo in the racing circuit. How badly am I going to lose to RedCrossRandy when I race his XL with my old Wenonah K-140?

I have done the math and I think I am doomed, dooomed I tell you.

After years of coming in a comfortable 7 feet ahead of Randy in the Tandem classes Randy is out to get me!

He is a heck of tandem driver now moving into the soloClasses


Congratulations to RedCrossRandy for getting his Classic XL.


I just saw Red Cross Randy doing the pit work for Jack L & Nanci at the Adirondack Classic 90 Miler. With the weight difference he is spotting you, his XL will be sitting in the water at the max water line and it won’t be that much faster than your old K-140. If you need to go slimmer, you can borrow my J-180. Crap! that would put you and racing class, not stock. Just go smooth and fast, he will tire out; too much champagne celebrating with Jack & Nanci, get him before he gets back in paddling shape.

We missed you at the 90 Miler,


I think the new Garmin’s
display your"Esoteric Speed".

jim :wink:

I got to try out his new boat Monday
We stayed a extra day and Red Cross Randy guided us through some neat ponds and streams.

His new boat paddles and handles beautifully.

I didn’t dare lean it since it was cold and I didn’t feel like a swim, but when Nanci paddled it, I looked out and she just about had it on it’s side., and she was playing around with cross bow rudders, and all her good strokes.

Congratulations Bill on your 13th 90 miler. That is some feat.

Also to Jim Normandin with a incredible 21 90 milers.

Hey Bald Paddler. I’ll paddle the J-190, (if there is no wind) in the Dark Mountain Challenge just to keep you and Randy on your toes.