Eureka moment???

I was contemplating how to re-engineer the footbrace I made for my MR Solo (badly positioned) and I got to thinking about a comment Doc (Rgams) had made regarding his first forays into whitewater.

When I started in Grummans, kneeling was the norm. Nothing like it to connect you to a boat, short of thigh straps. Conversely, sitting in a modern solo boat, even with a good footbrace does not allow the boat to be controlled with your hips or torso. Bis disadvantage.

BUT…What if a set of SOT thigh straps were installed along the gunwales? It might be necessary to install anchor D rings for the forward attachment points, but the rear points could be at the stern thwart.

Anybody tried this? I am going to cobble up a prototype this weekend and give it a test. I don’t wanna kneel anymore.


Three point contact
You ought to be able to lock into the boat with the seat, straps and foot brace.

I think Tophers Voyager has minicell built up under the gunnels for the same purpose.

I’m not sure that the gunnel will be low enough for the rear attachment point though. Depends on your seat height and thighs.

Go for it!

I think attachment point locations would be key. I agree with Tommy that the thwart is likely too high. If you had a friend (preferably female) hold the straps at different locations while you sat upright in the seat, you’d stand a better chance of getting it right. Either that or experiment by using duct tape to hold them on at different places till you get a feel for where they’re hitting you.

Sounds like a worthwhile experiment to me.

Further consideration
Yeah, attaching at the gunwale level would be too high. Now I’m thinking of a seat-level attachment for the rear, and probably a glued-in anchor for the front. Saturday looks like a day of thundershowers with Sunday sunny, so I may be able to try this one out.


a worthwhile exploration
I think this idea has merit. I used to paddle a sit on top and part of the ability to stay aboard was bracing feet and buttocks, with a small lumbar support. I would think that using a conventional bench seat the paddler would tend to push himself/herself backwards off the seat. Canting the seat would help, but then it’s not so comfortable for long distance. A bucket style seat would probably work better. There are sit on top back bands that I think could be retrofitted to a conventional cane or web bench seat. Another thought is to install strips of minicell along the inside of the gunnels for protection for your knees, thighs, calfs. Sitting an length of time contacting the inner gunnel would be uncomfortable I think. Good idea, hope it works well for you.

Seat modifications
I agree with your seat concerns. My boat has a cane seat, but I use a Crazy Creek canoe seat for lumbar support, and have gently canted the seat forward. I’m looking forward to this project.