Eureka! paddling shoes for wide feet

I am highly recommending Mion’s Flood Tide shoe, especially for those of us with wide feet. I have very wide feet, size 11 EEEE, and have found if very difficult to find ANY shoes that fit well, especially shoes for canoeing.

I have just completed a 10 day canoe trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas wearing the Mion Flood Tide Shoe. The shoe was excellent, as was the river of course. In the past I have used Choata sandals, but on a river like the Buffalo the rocks and pebbles constantly worked their way between my feet and the sandals. However, with the Mion Flood Tide Shoe, the mesh liner kept out the rocks, pebbles, and most of the sand. But especially praiseworthy was that they fit my feet!!

They have a roomy toe box, and are adjustable enough to also fit around my high instep. They were comfortable to wear all day long, drained well, and gripped those slippery Buffalo River rocks as well as any footwear I ever worn down there. But don’t expect too much in that regard. Nothing prevents slipping on those Buffalo River rocks.

So after 10 river days experience I can’t recommend them highly enough for people with wide feet.

Here is their web site:

So simple, even a caveman…
…can wear them (apparently).

I believe these shoes come from the same guy who started the Keen line.

…carves 'em out of blocks of minicell.

wide paddling shoes

Eureka is right, if what you’re saying is correct. I have extra wide feet and have never found a water shoe to fit. Also your experiences for type of shoe needed on the Buffalo are spot on. I’ll be apddling there soon. What a great river! Thanks for the tip. Only problem is they cannot be mail-ordered and the nearest store is about 25 miles from me, but I plan to get there soon and try them on.


Confluence Kayaks in Denver has them on sale for 50% off right now. Not a lot of sizes left but lucky for me they had 10’s.

Martin Keen…loves disc golf and sailing

mail order
Try Backcountry or Zappos.

I’ve got the same problem with shoes, short wide foot and high arch. I’m headed for the store.