Eureka tents. (Twister 6)

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Anyone have much experience with Eureka tents? I hear nothing but good things about them and the quality and durability seem to be great. I have found a good deal on a Eureka Twister 6, a great looking family tent. I am replacing an old Wenzel which does not seem to have near the quality as this Eureka. It did not fair well in a wind and rain storm. Nothing broke or tore, but it just gave way to the wind and water. Any opinions are welcome and has anyone had any experience with this model, Twister 6? Thanks.

Great for the price
I own two Eureka tents. One is four years old, the other just a year. I don’t remember the model names - one is a two-person, the other sleeps four. I think they’re great for the price. Sturdy and durable. I’ve beat on the older one pretty good and it’s held up well. Since the two I have are on the larger and heavier side, I’m considering a small, lightweight one, too. You can get a better tent if you’re willing to pay more, but I wouldn’t get anything on the cheaper side of the Eureka brand.

using Eureka tents for the troop, and personally for years. Great value. If you are going to the top of Everest you might want something else but here in the north Carolina, New york and Canada I have had no problems .


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I have 2 Eureka Tents and they work great. I only upgraded because my wife and I added a new member. They pack up nice, and they are light for their size.

Not to mention that Eureka was choosen to make all of the new tents for the US Military.

Jason S.

Last Night…

I had my old Eureka, that I bought used for $15, set up in the open on an island in Florida Bay. It blew 20kts most of the afternoon and night. Mine was the most stable and least affected by the wind… Good enough for me… GH

Big Eureka Tent Sale
If you’re anywhere near Binghamton, NY Eureka has a once a year factory tent sale that just happens to be March 17-20. This is a great sale for seconds, lightly used tents, salesman samples, and display models. Check them out:


Have a eureka tent, and want the
combat tent but my old one won’t wear out!

Yup…we own two Eurekas…an Apex 2XT which is a very nice, light 2-person hiking tent. It was absolutely ravaged at about 13,500 feet on Longs Peak…but came through with only one torn strap on the fly. I mean…I’ve never been in such incredible wind…

My other is a Eureka Solitaire tent…a one person tent not much bigger than a bivy sack. Love it for my solo adventures…very small but totally awesome for bug protection and shelter from the elements.



Yep i use the “Combat tent” its great…

We only camp ,…
At the shore, and we got about 10 years out of our 2 person geo dome. The sun and salt air finally got to the fabric, but with matainance, who knows. The four pole design was very stable in heavy wind.

Replaced it with a Eureka Equanox 6 person. Very good dry, roomy tent, but the rain fly could use a few more tie out tabs, which can easily be added later.

Thanks all for your comments. This is going to be the tent I use for family vacations on accessible islands and car camping. I got it in the mail and the quality and thickness of the material are very impressive. It is heavy duty and heavy. I plan on getting a Timberline 4 outfitter for canoe camping. Dream tent is a Duluth campfire tent, but maybe later, quite expensive. Again, thanks for all the comments.


tent sale
heard on the radio today, eureka is having a big sale next weekend, if you are close to bingo,ny